Anandamayi Mã on Dis-ease

Anandamayi Mã was an Indian woman who had insights, presence, and much love to give.

“One afternoon as I lay in bed, I saw the spirit of the fever standing next to Me on My left, wanting to enter this Body. I held it with My left hand and smiled with My eyes open. Khukuni who was close by, saw Me smile and asked, “Mā, why did You raise Your left hand? What have You got in Your hand?” I replied, “I am holding the fever entity in My hand.” She exclaimed, “Fever! Again?” I told her, “I shall get fever. See, it will soon manifest itself externally.” Khukuni found My Body to be warm already and said, “If You say so, it will definitely come, even if in a mild form.” I told her, “It came on its own. Why should I turn it away?” If you grudge its nature and wish to keep it at a distance because of its adverse effect on the body, that too is attachment and rejection on the part of the body. This Body does not call anyone to Her nor does the mood to turn anyone away arise in Her. Just as all of you are a source of joy to Me, they too give Me equal joy. You come and go as you wish, so why not let diseases do the same? Any form of disease that may come is not something apart from this Body. All are aspects of the Supreme. What is the meaning of disease and suffering -that there is neither joy nor comfort, right? But for this Body, there is no question of comfort or discomfort, joy or sorrow. It remains the same at all times. So there is no confusion, because the fundamental dualism at the root of these perceptions has been destroyed along with their root. Again, it can be whatever you say, it makes no difference.” (Anandamayi Mã)

Enveloped Mother
Every Being
Will I ever know
This purity
In my own heart?

Accepting all
Extinguishing duality
At its core
Will I ever know
This purity
In my own mind?

Embracing it All
Absorbed in All
I bow to All

Published by

Maria Jacobs

Hi, I’m Maria – an authentic, down-to-earth realtor, wife to a sailor, mother to a creative daughter, two majestic cats, and an energetic Goldendoodle puppy. I am a tree lover, artist and wanna-be poet with a passion for garden gates, art, history and mindfulness. Growing my roots in beautiful Door County, Wisconsin, helping others do the same, and loving every minute of it.

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