Letting It Fall

She is walking on water
Leaves falling on her hair
Great blessings, she says
Are coming my way
Sun rays touching her gently
She glows, and she knows
A swirl of light surrounds her
She is not afraid of her power
The past was her teacher
She now knows her strength
She is walking on water
Leaves falling on her hair
I am letting it fall, she says
Letting the old fall away
Her heart filled with sparkle
She feels, and she shows
A force moving her forward
Leaves touching her feet
She now glows anew


Let it fall, too.


It Is Possible

“There is no beauty greater than the smile of peace and wisdom glowing on your face.” (Paramahansa Yogananda)

Oh so many worries
Weighting you down
Your relatives’ problems
Your bank account
It is all part of living
So don’t deny the worry
But live with it differently
It is possible to have a concern
And still smile
It is possible to allow
Life to be good
It is possible to be
At peace with contrast
It is possible to know
Joy from inside out
Let your worries be your fuel
Transform them into solutions
Wake up every day knowing
There is always more
There is always more
To dream and to achieve
Because it is possible to be
Smiling with peace
Glowing with wisdom
From within