Seeing Beauty Again

It’s amazing how much more noticeable beauty is when we are in a relaxed state of mind. There are cycles in which I am so busy that I even forget how much I love trees. Eventually something happens and reminds me of the importance of the practice, of meditation – and I get back to center. And then I can sense beauty again. It has always been there, I was just blind.

Have you felt this way? Just as in meditation practice, when we go for a ride on a thought, notice it, and come back to the breath, in our lives we feel beauty and relaxed, and then go on a run of business and action, get a bit lost, and then come back to beauty. It’s really true that in every small thing, you can see the whole – and this is comforting.

Worth It

Waking up earlier to fit in some meditation time has been worth it. The practice really does build upon itself, with every session I feel more comfortable with the process and less judgy about my mental state. Some days I am calm and smooth, and some days, like today, I have been running responsibilities in my mind since 5am. Days like today are the ones in which I am grateful to have the habit to sit down and watch it all. I am a lot more tolerant, and love can fill me up a lot quicker.

Now… To the practice – I go.

Such A Treat

Our everyday life is often filled with responsibilities, planning and performing, oh so busy. That is not bad, there’s beauty in it, but it often makes us overwhelmed, stressed and dull. Little things start to feel like big things. Making dinner and doing the dishes start to feel like a monumental feat. Sleep gets interrupted by a busy mind. Life, after all, is not meant to be just marshmallows and trips to be beach – all of these issues are common for everyone at some point and at some level, so no one is alone in this. We have to honor our experience and not be so hard on ourselves and others – specially because it is a good thing to have hard days and some hard seasons (it sure makes what truly matters more clear to us). Meditation and time to feel what is going on can be a great asset for everyone, anywhere. No yoga pants needed, no sage needs to be burned, no special music, nothing – just the ability to sit with yourself and stay there for a moment. You, your beautiful mind, watching thoughts go by, breath by breath. Such a treat.

The Width

“I don’t want to get to the end of my life and find that I have just lived the length of it. I want to have lived the width of it as well.”
(Diane Ackerman)

One of those mornings
Pondering, wondering
The minutes after meditation
Quiet calm
And nourished feelings
Out of my mind’s sky
This quote comes to mind
Reminds me of the depth of Life
Reminds me that today
At least just for today
I will see past the form
I will remember the connection
Our shared humanness
I will get out of my head
And feel the Quiet Calm
Of this Universe
The Depth of Life
The Width
The Unseen
Nourishes us All
Every moment
Every breath
I hope that you, too
Go within


Practicing Maitri

“In order to have compassion for others, we must first have compassion for ourselves.” (Meagan McCrary)

They all say
Love all beings
Treat them as you would treat yourself
But how can you emanate a love
You don’t already have
It all has to start with you
Loving you
Not in a conceptual way
Not in a right or wrong way
But as a Human Being
An indivisible part of the whole
A perfect piece of the puzzle
A wise and deep Being
So make friends with yourself
Find compassion for yourself
Care and embrace yourself
Know your never ending worth
Your always renewed love
Try practicing Maitri

And start feeling at Home
With yourself