As Leaves Hit The Ground

It’s Fall, mellow and all.
I am prepared, I am, and as
The colors of nature dance,
I welcome change.

The hermit energies of winter
Melted with the blossoms of spring,
Followed by the heat of summer,
And all the sexiness it brings.

I am cooling down, now,
Enjoying yet another closure.
My heart moves with the hauling winds,
My breath stills as leaves hit the ground.

It’s Fall, leaves and all.
I am ready, I am, and as
Moments turn into memory,
I enter a new cycle.

…and then I take deep breath.

Mighty Oaks

Mighty Oaks from Little Acorns Grow.

acorn love who you are studio

A first step
Will start a journey
A first kiss
Will start a love story
A first book
Will give birth to
Your quest for knowledge
All along the way
All the little things
All the little steps
Have more power
Than you know
All the little things
All the little steps
Are the necessary order
For miracles
For growth
For Life

Go To Nature

“I go to nature to be soothed and healed, and to have my senses put in order.”
(John Burroughs, 1837 – 1921)

The energy of Nature
Will always heal you
The structure of a crystal
Will always inspire you
The patience of Mother Earth
Will always teach you
So pay attention
And take the time
To sit by that tree
To study that flower
To help that bug

What A World

Oh, what a world

So much to discover

So much more to create

In a beautiful planet

We are here, human

Sleeping, waking up

Always ready for more

Feeling it all, human

Laughing, crying

Playing with opposites

Opening doors, human

Saying hellos

Saying goodbyes

Feet on the earth, human

Nature all around

The balance, the Mother

Oh, what a world

So much beauty to enjoy

So much more to create

In a beautiful planet

We are together, human

Enjoying the Earth

Happy Earth Day

Love your Planet