Some people like to think
That Wise people know the right answers
That wisdom is specific
That the path is to be chosen extra carefully
That truth is rigid 
That living is a set of rules
That the Wise ones will show the way
The right way
But here I am
Caring to disagree
Wise ones are open
Wise ones carry no dogma
Wise ones know that every path
Is the path
Wisdom is lose and giggles at you
Is it what expands you
It does not restrict you
It is flowing and it belongs to all
It does not deny anything
Or pushes it away
Think of it this way
And you sure will carry on

And enjoy the day.


What is everyday Life
If not a juggling act
Pay attention to the ball
That has reached your hand
Handle it with care
Swiftly move it along
Focus on every moment
As you are done with this one
Another is coming your way
Nonstop, no rest, perfect timing
What is everyday Life
If not a juggling act
One moment after another
Problems looking for solutions
Blockages looking for a clear path
New ideas waiting to be born
So many balls thrown into the air
Catch one and get ready
Another one is moving your way
So focus and prepare
What is everyday Life
If not a juggling act

Juggle, juggle.
it’s Monday!